Why Do you Get Headaches in Winter

Well, headaches have become a very common thing during the winter season at cold places. People who live in places mostly that see snowfall hit by extreme cold temperatures often complain about headaches. Getting headaches is a very painful and bad experience for many people.

People fail to understand that it is due to the burning of fire and heaters inside the rooms which we are using to provide us warmth. The hot gases accumulate inside the rooms and upon inhalation, we feel headaches.

Hot gases expelled by heaters and wood fire inside the room cause headaches in us. While on the other hand, we close the windows to not let the air come inside the room. To overcome headaches, we should get the hot gases go away from our rooms. Keeping the window open can provide you good ventilation.

You could also install a ventilation system in a window of your room. The system will kick out all the toxic gases out of the room and let you inhale pure and fresh oxygen and thereby get rid of headaches while you go through the winter season.

Why Do you Get Headaches in Winter

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