5 Reasons Why Farmers are Important

The existence of a farmer is very crucial and important in our life. Farmers are people who give us hope to live and cherish while constantly supplying us with food and clothing. In other words, it is because of them that we are able to eat food and wear clothes.

They work very hard in their farmlands in order to obtain food and raw materials for making clothing for all of us and for their own families. In short, our life without farmers would not be more than a mess. Here are five reasons why farmers are important in our life.

Save us from starvation

Farmers save us from starvation since they produce whatever we require for sustaining our lives. They provide us food and because of that we are able to obtain energy which in turn enables us to work properly. Just imagine what could happen to our life in the absence of farmers. We could possibly die starved since we won’t have food to eat.


Desertification refers to the changing of fertile lands into deserts. You know nothing grows in barren lands. Desertification is prevented by farmers since they keep on utilising land for agricultural produce all year round. Their absence would otherwise mean land desertification.

Economy Development

Farming and agriculture lay the foundation of the economies of all countries in the world. The farmers are allowed to make money by selling their agricultural yields and hence contribute to the development of an economy. 

Employment generation

Farmers directly and indirectly help in giving employment opportunities to the thousands of people all over the world. There are many industries which depend on farmers. For example, clothing industry obtains raw materials from farmers. Similarly beverage industry makes beverages out of the farm produce. These industries give in turn thousands of people a ray of hope to live a happy life. They earn livelihood because of farmers.

Livestock rearing

If we are able to rear livestock for milk or meat, it is because of farmers who provide us fodder. Farmers themselves keep livestock in the hope they will be to meet the rearing expenses of animals. They not only benefit us but also themselves economically.

In conclusion, life without farmers is a mess. Imagine life without milk, meat, and even money. All of these life necessities come to us from farmers.

5 Reasons Why Farmers are Important

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