Why Gender Inequality Should Be Abolished

We aren’t doing ourselves any favour by not allowing women exercise their rights. Rather we are wasting their talent by treating them as household servants. Our stereotypic mind set against women is that very fault which helps in wasting their talent. A woman in India is being viewed as just a children producer and carer. She can’t participate in the family decision making.

It is because of our stereotypic ideology that is getting us off from the track of development. It will take hundreds of years for a nation like India to touch the level of development as long as we don’t come out of the stereotype mind-set against women.

The birth of a daughter in developing countries like India is considered merely an expense since she would go one day to join other family. Viewed as an expense, she gets deprived of her nutritional, educational, and other social rights.

In contrast, birth of a boy brings smiles and happiness on the faces of parents, friends, and relatives. They exclaim congratulations. After all, he is going to inherit the property of his father. His place isn’t inside rather outside the home.

Women are a part of our society. Her wellbeing is crucial for our social and economic development. If she isn’t well, our whole society isn’t well. For example, if one part of a car suffers from malfunction, it will make the entire car suffer. Same is the case with women.

Nutrition, education, respect, working outside the home isn’t just the rights of men. They equally belong to women as well. Girls need to be given adequate nutrition, education, respect, and other facilities that we provide to men. She must be allowed to work in companies, and exercise her skills, and natural talent. She must be given the opportunity to learn about the world.

She must be allowed to conduct commerce as men do, and exercise her knowledge and skill in other fields. The potential and intellect of women must be utilised to the fullest. She must be admired and given fair compensation. They only she can come out the dark world. When we will give her rights, we will prosper like developed countries. 

Why Gender Inequality Should Be Abolished

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