Why is Sustainable Cooking Important

The food is so vital and essential that all living organisms on earth can not live without it. It helps in attaining body growth and supplies the energy needed for doing work. Even though we can eat fruits and some vegetables in raw form but they are insufficient to provide us adequate growth and development required by our living bodies. There are many other necessary raw foods we need to cook before eating them. Some examples are rice, pulses, cereals, and vegetables.

Cooking raw food isn’t new in the life of mankind rather dates back to the earlier human civilizations who lived earth thousands of years ago. Cooking probably became part and part of human life after man learned to burn wood. The primitive humans would build furnaces (Chulas) while using stones and burn wood to cook food. The use of stones for making Chula was thrown away after some period of time since excessive heating of stones proved fatal. The man found the use of earthen furnaces.

As the thinking of humans made advance, they learnt about making use of clay for Chula since that wasn’t as harmful as stone Chula. Clay Chula gradually found place inside the kitchen of a house. Wood continued to be used as fuel. There are even many remote places where burning wood for cooking still prevails.

Man just two or four decades ago, realised the effect of smoke coming out of burning wood on environment. In order to cope it, he learnt making use of liquefied petroleum gas. Liquefied petroleum gas comes in cylinders. People connect it with stove to cook food on flames generated from gas filled in cylinders.

While the use of liquefied petroleum gas gave us relief from smoke we inhaled during burning wood, it being a non-renewable reserve creates the problem wherein future generations will be facing its shortage in their time. Liquefied petroleum gas can also result in blasts which have the potential of destroying our life and property.

The disadvantages of using wood and liquefied petroleum gas cylinders necessities the need of sustainable fuels for cooking. An energy efficient stove which is the recent development seems to be an ever lasting solution for both burning wood and liquefied petroleum gas fuels. Unfortunately due to the lack of knowledge and social cultural barriers, its use is minimal

Why is Sustainable Cooking Important

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