Reasons Why we Should use Biodiesel

There is not an iota of doubt in the fact that the use of standard diesel whether in automobiles or in mechanical motors has showered many benefits on mankind. While we heartily admire its contribution, there are other problems that arise from its use in our life. Few to mention that have created the need for immediate attention and action is unwanted pollutants released in our atmosphere and reduction in the quantity of fossil reserves.

The standard diesel as you might have learned in your Science subject is obtained from fossil reserves which took millions of years to come into form. There would not have been much concern if fossil reserves were taking less time to form. That is why fossil fuel conservation has become a priority for mankind.

The pollutants emitted by the diesel create air pollution which in turn becomes the cause for precipitation of acid rains on earth and atmosphere warming. Acid rains not only give rise to many diseases but also detritus buildings as well clothing and kills many forms of living organism that are very essential for our life.

Atmosphere warming causes ice glaciers that are reserves of river water melt down which give rise to floods and shortage of fresh water for drinking.

Bio diesel is perhaps the best sustainable solution to get rid of negative impact unleashed by the standard diesel. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by bio diesel. Bio diesel can also be cheaply produced and distributed among people. The only hurdle wherein money will need to be incurred is the promotion of bio diesel among masses.

Jatropha plants are a good source of biodiesel. The need of the hour is the promotion and plantation of these plants. We could generate hundreds of tons of biodiesel oil from these plants and hence satisfy our consumption and save our atmosphere from going further into the pit of destruction.

Reasons Why we Should use Biodiesel

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