Why use Manure not Chemical Fertilisers

Farming was a very tough practice until the advent of chemical fertilizers in human life. They had to work hard on their farms but their hard work would not help them to yield a satisfactory result. However, it was only after the use of chemical fertilizers they could see higher crop yields from their farms. However, the use of chemical fertilizers created a new line of problems for living organisms as well as the environment.

There is no doubt in the fact that farmers saw high crop productivity by the use of chemical fertilizers in their farms or crop fields. But the problems they could not realize about using chemical fertilizers are their damage to both health of living organisms and the environment.

As the man learned about the ill effects of chemical fertilizers, he now seeks better and environment-friendly alternatives. The manures are those alternatives that help us to combat the ill effects of chemical fertilizers. Since manures contain organic substances, they should be introduced and used by farmers on a large scale compared to the chemical fertilizers.

The best examples of organic-rich manures are cow dung, agricultural waste, dead leaves, etc. Manures help in increasing the fertility of soil as they provide essential nutrients required by plants. Higher yields of crops, as well as soil fertility, are maintained by manures.

Three widely known and commonly used types of manures include farmyard manure, compost, and green manure.

Farmyard manure is the mixture of animal dung, urine, fodder, dead leaves. Farmyard manure can be easily collected daily from cattle sheds.

Compost manure is obtained from vegetable waste, weeds, and garbage and animal wastes. Compost manures contain essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous which are essential for the growth and development of plants and at the same prove less harmful to the environment.

Green manure is actually a new addition to the list of manures. It is far better choice farmers can use because of its environment-friendly nature. Green manures include burying green plants into the soil. It provides nitrogen and adds organic matter to the soil, thereby improving its fertility.

Why use Manure not Chemical Fertilisers

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