7 Reasons Why Water is Important to Life

Water is an inorganic substance. That means it doesn’t have its own life. Despite being a non-living substance, water gives and sustains all life forms on the face of planet earth. The availability of water gives mankind the ability to fulfill the following set of life purposes. 

Quenches thirst

Water quenches our thirst when our throats become dehydrated. The shortage of water in our throats compels animals and humans to drink water and thereby quench their thirst. We don’t want to get into the details about what happens to the water once it enters into our bodies but surely we can say it confidently that we can die of thirst in the absence of water.


Cooking could not be possible without water. Rice can’t be eaten raw and neither many vegetables and meat of animals unless we add water to them. Cooked food is possible when we mix water with vegetables and other raw food forms. You know that taking raw food won’t digest properly in our alimentary canal. Many diseases are prevented from spreading after unwanted substances are washed away by water. 


Farmers cannot grow any crop without the availability of irrigational water. Water is important for growing vegetables, crops, fruit-bearing plants and many other kinds of cereal that we and animals eat as food. In short, the growth of crop and fruit-bearing plants is impossible without water.


Regular baths are important for all living organisms’ especially human beings otherwise the accumulation of dirt on our bodies could give rise to skin and other diseases. When we bath, direct is washed away.

Cloth washing

Clothing needs to be used again and again by human beings. When we keep wearing a particular cloth for a longer time, it is bounty to get dirty. That is why it becomes important to wash our clothes properly in order to use them again.

Electricity generation

Everything today runs on electricity. If we have the ability to cook food in rice cookers, illuminate our rooms with bulbs and make the machine function in factories, charge our electronic gadgets including computers and smartphones, it is because of electricity and you know that we obtain the same from water.

Constructional works

Even constructional works are impossible without water. Houses and apartments for living, dams for storing water, warehouses to store goods etc. are constructed because of the water. Water is required to make cement and which in turn helps masons in joining stones and bricks.  

In conclusion, the use of water is not limited to the above-mentioned necessities of human life but there are many other purposes water serves. 

7 Reasons Why Water is Important to Life

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