Why we Need Physical Education in Schools

Indians are fond of cricket but it is not the only sport played by all countries in the world. There are only up to 20 nations that participate in the cricket sport. The remaining countries majorly play football and basketball. We have limited our mindset to the sport of cricket only. This has been the reason why our representation as a nation hasn’t grown beyond Asia.

No doubt we are a big country after China in Asia but it is not the only continent in the world. In order to grow our representation and name and fame of our country, we must show the world that we have the capability to dominate the other sports and we have the pool of talent for every sport.

We have talent but unfortunately, we don’t have proper facilities and willingness to invest in producing athletes for all forms of sport. Being a country of 130 million people, we should be having athletes for Olympics, football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, weight, UFC, running, swimmers, etc. Unfortunately, our recklessness and attitude have been limited to cricket only. Think beyond cricket.

Participation in other sport will also help our unemployment go down as new and more avenues of earning livelihood will become apparent for our growing youth population. That will benefit our economy to grow and develop further.

We must necessities facilities and trained personal for various games. Built playgrounds and proper infrastructure for all games played in the world. In fact, our work should start by integrating physical education as a subject of study in our schools. Education should be augmented with physical facilities. 

Our representation and name will grow in the world. Our tie-ups with other nations will become strong. Our trade will attain new heights. We could indigenously manufacture sports goods since we have the availability of raw material. 

Tourism will grow as people from different countries including athletes will come in. Our development in physical education will get us our economy to become to develop and help us become a developed country in the world.

Why we Need Physical Education in Schools

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